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Naturopathy & Hatha Yoga

Health & Wellness Advisor

As a Naturopath and Hatha Yoga Teacher, I provide guidance in energetic healing modalities such as Reiki and massage, which are essential components of holistic well-being.

About Me

My goal is to ensure your long-term health by helping you understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Through a vitality assessment, I will guide you towards personalized dietary rebalancing for conscious and natural eating. I offer support in emotional management techniques using plant-based remedies, including aromatherapy and herbal medicine, as well as through energetic healing and Hatha Yoga practices.

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I provide in-person consultations within a 40 km radius of Prayssac (departments 46/47). Additionally, I offer online naturopathy consultations via a direct link provided to you through email or WhatsApp/Facetime, based on your convenience.


A wonderful reflexology session by Christelle, a true Reiki practitioner! Don’t hesitate, Christelle is genuine!

Amazing yoga lessons with Christelle. I invariably feel better after having been, to the point where I look forward to it all week. She makes everyone feel at ease during the lessons and then explains everything clearly, taking her time but also adapting to the needs of the group. Had a great full moon session which was interesting, full moon periods call for extra relaxing yoga for a good night sleep, and it works! I’d say yoga is an essential part of a nice peaceful balance life. Cheers Christelle

Exceptional therapist, kindness and professionalism are guaranteed. Christelle has solved all my body acidity issues, I highly recommend her.

Massages, an iridology session, and numerous pieces of advice to change my bad eating habits. Now I feel good in my body, I no longer feel the need to eat anything, anytime. I have lost a few kilos, and the best part is that I have stopped biting my nails! Thank you, Christelle.

Very professional, providing straightforward information and written materials. The assistance for maintaining good health becomes indispensable, with supplements from reputable laboratories. Thank you.

Very attentive. Managed to find a long-lasting treatment for my problem that had been going on for too long. Thank you.

After 3 months of taking Christelle classes, I am thoroughly happy to recommend her lessons. This is more than yoga and feels like a mental health exercise. Allow Christelle to take you out of busy life for an hour and focus on just yourself. I’d also thoroughly like to say I’m surprised that her lesson is in a mixture of French / English, so also great for learning French weekly with a routine! If you are nervous, please don’t be! The teacher has a very good understanding of all body types & abilities! Bringing a mat is recommended as well as a blanket, due to relaxed breathing exercises at the end of the session! If you are thinking about trying yoga, this is the best place to start! Thank you Christelle for your advanced knowledge!

Great practitioner. Being on vacation, it was my birthday gift to myself. I had an Indian head and upper back massage. It was my first experience of this kind of massage, but it was truly effective for my shoulder pain. Thank you.

After a high-quality conversation with Christelle, I decided to indulge in a head, neck, and shoulder massage, which was highly effective in relieving tension. It’s not to be missed!

A big thank you for the follow-up and the extremely interesting experience of iridology! The advice provided was tailored for a better daily life. Thank you for your attentive and adaptive approach. I highly recommend it.

The workshop was truly fascinating. I used to see my parents using essential oils daily without really knowing why or what their benefits were. Now, I know and I’m thrilled about it! I can share this knowledge with my friends. Thank you so much!

Very good professional who listened to my pains. Thank you, Ms. Clercin, thanks to you I feel better today, and I am quite demanding. I highly recommend this therapist without hesitation.

An exciting workshop with naturopath Christelle Clercin! Interactive and fun, as we even leave with the blend we choose to prepare… Thank you!

Good experience! Very relaxing cranial massage in just 30 minutes. Christelle is very professional, and attentive to the needs. A very good practitioner, I recommend her 🙂

Great moment with a mint-infused water. Informative and practical, with the bonus of making a vial of vegetable oil and essential oil to fill my mom’s first aid kit.

Christelle will welcome you with all her simplicity. She will listen to you, offer advice, and help. The journey may be a bit long, but with perseverance and by following her recommendations meticulously, you will, like me, see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Great connection. Christelle helped me get rid of problems that were spoiling my daily life. A big thank you. I highly recommend her.

Christelle gently guides our lives. She provides attentive and caring listening, along with excellent advice.

I called upon Christelle for her valuable naturopathic advice and for an incredible Reiki session. She was very attentive, caring, and pleasant, we had a wonderful time. I highly recommend her.

Christelle Clercin

I guide you on the path to well-being

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