The Energy Practitioner and Their Support

Every living being is connected to the Life Energy, the energy that allows us to feel alive.

Everything in the universe is vibration: sounds, shapes, colors, objects, elements, as well as living beings, and even thoughts. Human beings have a vibrational frequency from birth that evolves based on the positive and negative experiences in their life journey. To attract what we desire, it is necessary to raise our vibrational frequency, our life energy.


L’energeticienne et son accompagnement

The careful observation of energy movements within the body and the interaction between the universe and human beings has allowed traditional medicines to establish foundations that consider not only the purely physical or mechanical aspect of life but also introduce the notion of energy. Eastern cultures refer to it as qi, chi, or prana, while in the West, we call it life force. When we speak of energy, we refer to a subtle movement that encompasses all life forces and manifests through psychic, emotional, and, of course, physical reactions.

The Energy Practitioner and Their Assistance in Your Daily Life

Our current lifestyle and environment generate increasing negative interferences that disrupt the proper functioning of the energetic connection between humans and nature: stress, negative emotions, psychological shocks, electromagnetic radiation, sedentary behavior, inappropriate diet, and more.

Consequently, any weakening of the energetic body (protective layer) leads, over time, to vulnerability in the physical and mental body, a decrease in Vital Energy.

Harmonizing and revitalizing the energetic body allows for the regulation, improvement, or correction of potential dysfunctions, whether they are physical, emotional, or psychological. It initiates a process of body and mind regeneration.

« Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved »


Mes outils d’energeticienne

My Tools as an Energy Practitioner

  • Plants, for their multiple virtues
  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Sacred Sounds

According to the needs and if you desire, I include these techniques during naturopathy consultations. As you may have understood, they are completely complementary and provide support in helping you regain your full potential.