Naturopathy is recognized by the World Health Organization; however, in France the profession remains unregulated at the moment, unlike many European countries or other continents. This lack of legal framework leads to the impossibility for citizens to identify well-trained professionals. That’s why I invite you to consider important criteria when choosing your naturopath.

The curriculum of the naturopath

Certified, robust, and serious training programs typically have a core curriculum of at least 1200 in-person hours, necessary for solid knowledge in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, or other biotherapies. Affiliation with an association or union can be an additional guarantee as they gather schools and professionals who have received proper training. Therefore, I advise you to check the practitioner’s references and reviews (this applies to all therapists). This information is theoretically mentioned on their profile (website or Google listing); otherwise, you can request it from them.

How to choose a naturopath

The naturopath’s advice

The naturopath will always place you at the heart of your personalized program. They will work with you as a team and involve you in the process of providing you with the keys to autonomy towards your well-being. Under no circumstances should their personal beliefs and practices be apparent in their discourse or in their support. They must respect who you are.

And then, your intuition

To make your choice consciously, listen to your intuition… You may need an initial phone call to validate your decision. The quality of the relationship is essential; it’s important that a mutual alliance is established and that you feel fully confident to allow yourself to move forward and succeed.

To assist you in this process, I offer a free call for anyone wishing to schedule an appointment. The purpose of this call is:

  • To understand your issues better in order to determine your needs more effectively.
  • To outline my approach to naturopathy and the tools I use to meet these needs.

Let’s get to know each other personally, contact me :

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